New Albany Honey & Apiary

Due to Covid 19 restraints we are unable to travel and get bee packages this year.  We will be refunding all package orders immediately. All NUCs are sold out and we will not be able to sell queens this year. 

We appologize for the inconvenience.

Nucs & Packages

Essential Oils


  • Nucs 
  • Indiana overwintered Nucs
  • Packages 
  • Queens
  • Essential Oils (Tea Tree, Spearmint, Wintergreen, Lemongrass)
  • Entry level wood ware
  • Online access to our retail partner Access to Pearls on Pearl's online store

Our Products:

For A New Generation of Bee Keepers

It is all bout the bees!  We have 5 frame Nucs as long as they are in stock. We have both over- wintered and first year stock.  We also have packages for sale in March and April. 

We keep our bees healthy using essential oils.  We also sell the oils in smaller more cost effective bottles for bee keepers with only a few hives.

Our Queens are reared at our home yard using a method that combines swarming and emergency impulses from our local stock.  We never bank our queens to keep pheromone production high and increase acceptance rates. 

We have Itallians, Carniolan, and Russian blended stock.  Early in the year we also have our Indiana overwintered stock.  All are raised on natural cell comb.

Veteran owned and family managed.