Located in beautiful historic downtown New Albany, one block from the Ohio river between Market and Main Street is our store Pearls On Pearl were we provide our customers with personal service and a chance to see products before you buy them.  If you prefer to go online our products page has our full line of Honey and Bee materials (including the bees!)

We take orders for Nucs, bee packages, queens... for New Albany Honey and Apiary.  We schedule appointments with our local beekeeper, Randy Lynch, to pick up bees at our farm in New Albany just two miles from the store.

Pearls On Pearl also represents over 20 local artists making what we call "usable art".  Handmade gift baskets, picnic baskets, benches, soy candles, goat milk soaps, purses/bags, towels, ceramics, aromatherapy jewelry, shoe toppings and boot jewelry)...  

We also offer local paintings and hand sketches of your favorite photos...  We take great pride in supporting local every day offering natural, handmade and family owned business items.  Please see more on our facebook page at pearlsonpearlnewalbany.   

While we offer hundreds of items in the store, here are a few which can also be purchased on line.

Pick-up only at Pearls On Pearl store front.

8 Frame Langstroth Deep



5 Frame Nuc-Super   Medium




8 Frame Langstroth Medium



8 Frame & 5 Frame Nuc Migratory Cover



5 Frame Nuc Box Deep



All orders will be verified via email or telephone within 2 business days.  If you haven't heard back please contact us!

5 Frame Nuc Bottom   



4 Box Hive Kits
Deeps//Mediums//Inner&Outer Covers/Botom Board/ Frames


Beekeeping Materials

​Pure Oils


​2 oz bottle                   $13.65


2 oz bottle                       $5.00             

Tea Tree  

2 oz Bottle 


Our Products - 2019 

Lemon Grass

2 oz bottle                     $8.15

Frames -  Deep and Medium 



Frame Feeders    


Season Set of Pure OIls for your Bees

Get All 4 OIls

2 oz Bottle