Our Products:

For A New Generation of Bee Keepers

We carry Itallians, Carniolan, and the famous Don "FatBeeMan" Kuchenmeister Carnionlan/Russion Blend.  Early in the year we also have our Indiana overwintered stock.  All are raised on natural cell.

  • Nucs 
  • Indiana overwintered Nucs
  • Packages 
  • Queens
  • Essential Oils (Tea Tree, Spearmint, Wintergreen, Lemongrass)
  • Entry level wood ware
  • Online access to our retail partner Access to Pearls on Pearl's online store

It is all bout the bees!  We have 5 frame Nucs as long as they are in stock. We have both over- wintered and first year stock.  We also have packages for sale in March and April. 

Our Queens are reared at our home yard using a method that combines swarming and emergency impulses from our local stock.  We never bank our queens to keep pheromone production high and increase acceptance rates. 

Nucs & Packages

Essential Oils

We keep our bees healthy using essential oils.  We also sell the oils in smaller more cost effective bottles for bee keepers with only a few hives.

Veteran owned and family managed.

New Albany Honey & Apiary

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